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radar that is able to detect clouds and precipitation

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In accordance with the NDMP, Japan has been extending various assistances such as replacement of the meteorological radar in Islamabad and installation of the Flood Forecasting System in collaboration with UNESCO.
33 mln is valid for a 13-year period and the contractor is required to install, operate and maintain two meteorological radars near Larnaca and Paphos airports, and support with near real-time, radar imaging, and other information, the forecasting unit of the Meteorological Service.
The project will support the upgrade of meteorological radar systems, including facilities and equipment, and the construction of radar towers on the outskirts of Dhaka and in Rangpur.
periodic repair and servicing meteorological radar in Poznan 1156 JW / Krzesiny in the amount of 1 set .
Tenders are invited for Meteorological Radar Tower.
As part of the project we are seeking to acquire a meteorological radar to monitor precipitation and other meteorological phenomena over the Mid-Missouri area for a period of at least 5 years.
Contract award: design and construction of turnkey meteorological radar station on mount st.
Delivery of spare parts for meteorological radar equipment the Meteorological Agency.
Contract notice: Design and construction of turnkey meteorological radar station on mount st.
Contract award: Delivery, service and support meteorological radar and the info panel in the project IVVS ZK.
Contract notice for Preventive Maintenance Services, Monitoring And Rapid Intervention For Meteorological Radar Network and associated infrastructure by 2014.
Supply operational actual data from meteorological radar product radar reflectivity maximum.
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