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multicellular animals having cells differentiated into tissues and organs and usually a digestive cavity and nervous system

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It's looking like a general rule that most of the genes that are fairly widely distributed in metazoa do exist in Cnidaria [hydralike organisms]," Grens concludes.
Examination of the properties of protozoa (single-celled) and metazoa (multi-celled) organisms, and their significance in wastewater treatment
The topics include building and destroying continental mantle, using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry to study biomarkers, paleoecologic megatrends in marine metazoa, learning to read the chemistry of regolith to understand the critical zone, the evolution of grasses and grassland ecosystems, and ice age Earth rotation.
Phylogeny of the Metazoa based on morphological and 18S ribosomal DNA evidence.
The three BIND Divisions are the BIND Taxroot Division where all molecules are from any organism except those within the fungi or metazoan groups, as well as BIND Fungi Division and the BIND Metazoa Division comprising mostly yeast and human data.
The parasite data set consisted of 634 geoducks and five tissue sections (ctenidia, siphon muscle, siphon surface epithelium, intestine, and ova) containing five parasite categories: (1) RLO (ctenidia), (2) metazoa (siphon external epithelium), and MLO in the (3) siphon muscle, (4) intestine, and (5) ova.
They include natural processes in delta restoration as applied to the Mississippi Delta, emerging topics in marine methane biogeochemistry, autotrophic carbon fixation in the ocean, microbial nitrogen cycling processes in oxygen minimum zones, microbial extracellular enzymes and the marine carbon cycle, the DNA barcoding of marine metazoa, local adaptations in marine invertebrates, and using flow cytometry to measure biogeochemical rates and processes in the ocean.
Metazoa develops Web-based research management tools designed to reduce the inefficiencies of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.