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Sus scrofa KK Smith/DUCEC: 13 mm-43 mm KS 186, KS 187, KS 180, KS 189, KS stages 19-25 190, KS 191, KS 192, KS 199, KS 200, KS 198 Tupaia javanica Hubrecht Laboratory: stages 14-[greater than]24 Tupaia 286a, Tupaia 270, Tupaia 285b, Tupaia 48b, Tupaia 45c, Tupaia 277b, Tupaia 278a, Tupaia 275a, Tupaia 280a, Tupaia 279, Tupaia 310a, Tupaia 310b, Tupaia 102a, Tupaia 291a, Tu- paia 576, Tupaia 568a, Tupaia 308a, Tupaia 303a, Tupaia 567a, Tupaia 309, Tupaia 58a, Tupaia 565a, Tupaia 564, Tupaia 260 Metatheria Dasyurus viverrinus Hubrecht Laboratory: 4.
Because this paper discusses consequences of the different reproductive strategies, it is only applicable to extant taxa, and no inferences can be made on the condition of animals classified as Theria, Metatheria, or Eutheria and known only in the fossil record.
Care was taken to choose taxa that sampled the Eutheria or Metatheria as broadly as possible.
Patterns of Development within the Metatheria and Eutheria
The first step distinguishes between the characters with states that are conserved across Theria, those that are conserved within the Metatheria (but differ from the Eutheria), those that are conserved within the Eutheria (and are different from the Metatheria), and those that vary, either across all Theria or within one of the superorders.