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the skeleton of the human foot between the toes and the tarsus

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The third group of 49 metatarsal bones was fossil material from the late Pleistocene age that was collected from several sites 10-35 km north of Fairbanks, Alaska (65[degrees] N, 147[degrees]40' W) (Frick 1930, Wilkerson 1932) and was part of the Frick collection at the AMNH (n = 49); these are presumed from the subspecies A.
Ironically, Ferguson banned United players from wearing bladed boots some years ago, believing they caused too many injuries, with metatarsal bones particularly vulnerable.
Dom, who revealed that he went to school with Osama bin Laden in Beirut, where the comedian grew up, is recovering from four broken metatarsal bones in his left foot while filming Total Wipeout in Argentina, to be broadcast at Christmas.
RICHARD JOHNSON returns to the saddle with three good rides for Philip Hobbs at Cheltenham today, only two weeks after fracturing three metatarsal bones in his right foot, writes Rodney Masters.
What's the spin: As everyone knows, the cuboid is a tarsal bone on the outer side of the foot, articulating in front with the calcaneus and lateral cuneiform and behind with the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.
And Robson is concerned about the lack of depth up front with Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen recovering from broken metatarsal bones and Peter Crouch the only fully-fit striker.
A survey by Encyclopaedia Britannica, found that half of us DO know that the metatarsal bones are in the feet.