xiphoid process

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smallest of the three parts of the breastbone

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Prosternum sunken, with posterior third in front of the area between fore legs produced into narrowed acute, tubercle; mesosternum and metasternum at midline with wide longitudinal furrow; metathoracic peritreme auriculiform; evaporating area poorly developed.
Anterior margin of metasternum with two small papilliform nodes.
Prosternum with a pair of short, delicate and obtuse spines or tubercles, lateral lobes of meso- and metasternum ending in short, robust tubercles or bulges.
Mesonotum with 1 long notopleural, 1 similar postalar and 4 scutellars (lateral pair nearly as long as notopleural seta, apical pair longer, subparallel); acrostichals lacking; dorsocentrals uniserial, mostly minute, prescutellar pair nearly as long as lateral scutellars; mesosternum and metasternum bare between posterior four coxae.
19(17) Tercer tarsomero lobulado, cuarto tarsomero simple; hipomeron sin cavidades antenales; mesosternum y metasternum fusionados Semiotus
Venter: Prosternum separated from fused meso- and metasternum and sternites I + II by a suture, the latter medially with an oval depression; metapleural scent gland canals distinct and visible from above, abdominal spiracles II-IV ventral, V-VIII lateral and visible from above.
Venter: prosternum parrot green, metasternum piceous, mesosternum and abdomen yellowish tinged with brown.
Metasternum moderately elevated with a fine median furrow, surface of median portion long and dense golden pubescent.
Metasternum obviously shortened, anterior postcoxal transverse grooves indistinct with row of coarse punctures along mesocoxal posterior margin; posterior antecoxal grooves and metasternal triangles distinct; metasternal plate slightly depressed medially, midline furrow barely indicated; surface with rather coarse and close, irregular setose punctures throughout.
34); metasternum longer than ventrite 3, metepisterna distinct, sclerolepidia present (Fig.
Macropterous form: Thorax: Pronotum wider than long, with hispid tubercles, subquadrate, flattened, not declivous; frontal angles rounded, not projecting; humeral angles obtuse, not exposed; collar indistinctly depressed, not separated by a distinct incised line; middle third of pronotal disk with a broad longitudinal sulcus; anterolateral margins obliquely straight, roughly granulate; posterior margin concavely arcuate before base of scutellum; prosternum depressed; meso and metasternum sulcate; anterior lobe of metathoracic peritreme weakly reniform, posterior lobe subacute, raised; evaporative area short; posterior margin of metapleura with outer third obtusely rounded, and slightly raised.