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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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Metastatic lesions are generally determined after the detection of primary tumor; they may be the first symptom of generalized malignant disease in approximately 30% of cases [13].
A 48-year-old woman with ovarian cancer underwent craniotomy for resection of a metastatic lesion and was subsequently treated with whole brain radiotherapy.
4] Because there was no effective treatment for the metastatic lesions, the prognosis for these cases have been disappointing.
These conclusions are further supported by observations in a single case from our series that was treated with enucleation (and, hence, the primary tumor tissue as available for fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis) and that showed similar cytogenetic changes of monosomy 3, 8q aneusomy, and MYC amplification within the primary tumor and in the metastatic lesion.
Six months after surgery, a follow-up CT revealed a pulmonary metastatic lesion.
At Memorial Sloan-Kettering, surgeons already are relatively aggressive about removing a metastatic lesion that's amenable to resection, Dr.
Abundant keratinization and the presence of keratin pearls often favors a squamous cell carcinoma (17) and most likely represents a metastatic lesion.
12] Urologists may confuse giant myelolipoma with metastatic lesion of RCC in the case of CDC combined with giant myelolipoma, but it can be differentiated by fat-density; this supports the diagnosis of myelolipoma inside the tumour.
3) Iniguez et al (4) described a case of neuropathy of the chin as the presenting symptom of breast cancer; the manifestation was explained on the basis of a metastatic lesion in the trigeminal ganglion shown on MRI as enlargement of the gasserian ganglion (an exhibited abnormality akin to that of our patient).
Follow-up CT of the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis detected multiple spinal and pelvic metastases as well as a suspected metastatic lesion in the left adrenal gland.
Subsequent imaging with computed tomography (CT) revealed a new metastatic lesion in his left ureteric wall.
The computed tomography of the chest and abdomen did not reveal any metastatic lesion.
5-cm metastatic lesion excised from the SC layer of the thigh.
A solitary metastatic lesion to the cerebellum was found after he presented with ataxia and headaches in 1997.
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