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detector that gives a signal when it detects the presence of metal

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And there's a pitiful meeting of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club, knocking about ideas to raise money, like a naked calendar.
They were identified as axes after being found in Llancarfan, in the Vale of Glamorgan, by David Harrison in October 2013, while Mr Harrison was metal detecting on farmland.
The Wall sites are legally protected as scheduled ancient monuments, and it is a criminal offence to use a metal detecting equipment without authorisation from English Heritage.
The metal detecting enthusiast is now looking for clues as to the medal's owner since it no longer forms part of his exhibition.
It's about these two guys – Andy and Lance, who happen to be metal detecting enthusiasts.
Jonny, of Marske, pictured in metal detecting action, top, and with wife Anne, above, died aged 74 after a short cancer battle.
Mr Morris, a member of a metal detecting club in Mold who regularly goes out on Thursdays and Sundays, said: "They could be worth in the thousands rather than the hundreds of pounds".
Mr Lewis, who is married with three children, said: "I have been metal detecting for four years and not really found anything.
An inquest in Huddersfield yesterday deemed the filigree button, found by Brian Luntley, of Dewsbury District Metal Detecting Club, to be treasure.
The club's security team is now looking out for those with metal detecting equipment sneaking into the complex.
Acknowledgement of finds information concerning 'Near Pocklington' and 'Near York' goes respectively to Barry Freeman (Chairman of the National Council for Metal Detecting, Yorkshire Region) and Stephen Pickles (independent detectorist).
Speakers include individuals from archaeological, collecting, metal detecting and law backgrounds.
You can tell, though, he is chuffed to bits that Katie has got the metal detecting bug.
Craig Allison of Crawfords Metal Detectors, in Scunthorpe, North Lincs, said: "There's a new craze for metal detecting.