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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Changing one metabolic pathway to improve chemical production can sometimes have negative consequences for the rest of the cell.
This suggests that a two-pronged strategy aimed at blocking both metabolic pathways may be called for.
The Krebs cycle is the metabolic pathway that takes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and converts them into carbon dioxide and water to generate a usable form of energy for the body.
Researchers think that the polyamines may act as signaling molecules and steer metabolic pathways so fruits produce more phytonutrients.
Philp emphasizes that as chemicals capable of inducing change within the body, these herbal decoctions and concentrates; although "natural", does not delegate that the agent's action will follow altogether different or innovative metabolic pathways to produce its effect.
tuberculosis uses for defense, researchers are homing in on ways to shut down metabolic pathways that keep the microbe alive day to day.
Scientists studying the cell's metabolic pathways picked up some early clues that something was amiss in their search for isolated genes.
Metabolic pathways are no longer growing edge, replaced by genomics, immunology, neurobiology, pharmacology.
0 of pathSCOUT enables researchers to create interactive metabolic pathway graphs on the fly, to integrate proprietary metabolic pathways data with information from the public domain, and to make that combined information available to the entire organization.
Rhabdomyolysis has also been associated with the use of lipid lowering agents with other drugs that inhibit the metabolic pathways of these drugs.
Once the metabolic pathways are saturated, excess nutrients either accumulate in the tissues or are excreted (depending on whether they are fat or water soluble).
Often, annotated genes are arranged into commonly identified metabolic pathways, and certain key activities are "missing.
Our metabolic pathways are designed to cope with an unpredictable food supply.
They block hormonal actions and metabolic pathways associated with cancer evolution, stimulate enzymes that flush out carcinogens and suppress the growth and division of cancer cells.