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a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

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On the surface, mestizaje seems to promote equality by encouraging racial and cultural fusion of European, Indian and African ancestry, but in practice, Venezuelan national heritage prioritizes light skin and European physical features, according to Gulbas.
Moreover, the central point of mestizaje demands that the US Latinos/as share a culture of content as their own.
Mexico's African presence has been relegated to an obscured slave past, pushed aside in the interest of a national identity based on a mixture of indigenous and European cultural mestizaje.
I realized that mestizaje was the key to understanding the difference between race relations in Latin American and the Caribbean and in the United States.
For example, as Ralph Bauer, writing more broadly about "Creole Identities in Colonial Space," points out, multiculturalist studies of colonial captivity narratives do include "early Spanish American, Native American, and African American male and female voices" but "often forget that New World cultural encounters, mestizaje, and transculturation are hemispheric cultural phenomena not unique to the United States" (666).
Her research focuses on the anthropology and history of representations of mestizaje, and the history and anthropology of wars.
This mestizaje story line comes close to interpretations of that topic today, especially by the Chicano community and therefore results attractive as a (however anachronistic) historical perspective.
Patrick Carroll, "Los Mexicanos Negros, El Mestizaje y los Fundamentos Olvidados de la "Raza Cosmica:" Una Perspective Regional," Historia Mexicana 44: 3 (1995); Patrick James Carroll, Blacks in Colonial Veracruz: Race, Ethnicity, and Regional Development (Austin, 2001), pp.
Pointing to some of the weaknesses in Anzaldfia's account--such as the manner in which it ends up reinforcing the very borders it attempts to transgress- Feghali asks for a broader, more inclusive and transnational conceptualisation of the mestiza that could, in turn, remobilise the conceptual force of hybridity and mestizaje in contemporary thought.
As anthropologist Brian Selmeski has noted, the overthrow of elected President Jamil Mahuad in 2000 by a military-indigenous coalition marked the debut of a new power combination on the turbulent Ecuadoran scene, as it was the first time the key factions of the armed forces--which for the preceding decade had jettisoned the promotion of mestizaje, or integration through acculturation, in favor of "multicultural nationalism"--and important indigenous groups allied themselves so openly and collaborated so closely.
In 1983 he would publish his groundbreaking book Galilean Journey: The Mexican American Promise (Orbis), in which he developed his theology of mestizaje, using the Hispanic mingling of cultures, ethnicities, and races as its core theme.
Viteri's creative process led him to produce the Ensamblajes series [Assemblages], which marked a turning point for visual arts in Ecuador, and in all of Latin America, with an artistic conceptualization of the topic of mestizaje, or mixed cultures.
It robs us of the horrific vision of distinct racialized groups and so it is very difficult to fight racism under mestizaje because you have lost your ground.
hepatica en la fase subclinica de la enfermedad, en novillos asintomaticos cuyo mestizaje con ganado indico vaticina mayor grado de resistencia a la parasitosis.
That identity is not a single fossilized category, but differs by history (often of dislocation), region, mestizaje, family, language, religion, class, and experience with racism.