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a form of address for a man

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demanded Ralph from the bottom of the table, where he was supported by Messrs Pyke and Pluck.
The dinner was as remarkable for the splendour and completeness of its appointments as the mansion itself, and the company were remarkable for doing it ample justice, in which respect Messrs Pyke and Pluck particularly signalised themselves; these two gentlemen eating of every dish, and drinking of every bottle, with a capacity and perseverance truly astonishing.
The gallant colonel glanced at Messrs Pyke and Pluck as if he thought they ought to laugh at his joke; but those gentlemen, being only engaged to laugh for Sir Mulberry Hawk, were, to his signal discomfiture, as grave as a pair of undertakers.
Crawley (in a modest dress with a veil on) whipped off in a hackney-coach to the City: and being landed at Messrs.
These arrangements concluded, Becky paid a visit upstairs to the before-mentioned desk, which Amelia Sedley had given her years and years ago, and which contained a number of useful and valuable little things--in which private museum she placed the one note which Messrs.
She had come out on a British register, but after some time Messrs.
Messrs Parkes and Cobb being used to this style of conversation, replied without difficulty that to be sure Solomon was very late, and they wondered what had happened to detain him.
After looking at Messrs Parkes and Cobb for some time in silence, he clapped his two hands to his cheeks, and sent forth a roar which made the glasses dance and rafters ring--a long-sustained, discordant bellow, that rolled onward with the wind, and startling every echo, made the night a hundred times more boisterous--a deep, loud, dismal bray, that sounded like a human gong.
Among other items, Messrs Peddle and Pool, solicitors, of Monument Yard, were instructed by their client Edward Dorrit, Esquire, to address a letter to Mr Arthur Clennam, enclosing the sum of twenty- four pounds nine shillings and eightpence, being the amount of principal and interest computed at the rate of five per cent.
With the next morning, there came a rumour, that two men and a boy were in the cage at Kingston, who had been apprehended over night under suspicious circumstances; and to Kingston Messrs.
Pickwick resolved on immediately returning to London, with the view of becoming acquainted with the proceedings which had been taken against him, in the meantime, by Messrs.
104 EWE, ROUGH, SUCKLING A LAMB: 1 Mr RJ Raine; 2 Messrs A Murray & Sons; 3 Mr TA Bates
105 SINGLE EWE HOGG, ROUGH: 1 Mr TA Bates; 2 Messrs A Murray & Sons; 3 Mr TA Bates
106 EWE LAMB: 1 Messrs A Murray & Sons; 2 Mr RJ Raine; 3 Mr TA Bates.
116 TUP, 1 YEAR, ROUGH: 1 Messrs AG & D Bisset; 2 Mr D Cruikshank.