Mesolithic Age

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middle part of the Stone Age beginning about 15,000 years ago

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There's almost a timeline to the paintings here: from the Upper Palaeolithic Age to the Mesolithic Age to the proto- historic, early historic and medieval periods.
An eight-page leaflet called The Heritage Trail at Bourne Brook and Pool reveals how flints from the Mesolithic Age (12,000-4,500BC) were found in 1955 to illustrate the change from hunter-gathering to early agriculture.
The find confirms a human presence on the Lakes of Killarney a thousand years before had been previously thought, in the Mesolithic Age or Middle Stone Age.
Professor Hillman is an expert in what people have eaten through the ages, and the aim of the series is to unravel the mystery of what our Stone Age ancestors were eating in the late Mesolithic age, around 7,500 years ago.
The earliest of the settlement sites here probably belongs to the Mesolithic Age (Fig.
During previous seasons, Iranian archaeologists have identified human settlements belonging to the Paleolithic and the Mesolithic ages.