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Readers with a smattering of knowledge about world history, economic history and social history may be a bit troubled by Grob's conviction that Europeans arriving in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in what is now North America and Meso-America came upon an essentially Empty Land.
Her work is full not only of Catholicism but of the Aztec mythology and world view that filled Meso-America before the Conquest.
The UN Environmental Program's recently released report, Global Environmental Outlook 3 (GEO-3): State of the Environment and Policy Retrospective 1972-2002, says that Meso-America (defined as Central America and Mexico) had 73 million hectares of forested land in 2000, around 7.
To view the inspiration for the Becom-Aberg color palette, see their book Maya Color: The Painted Villages of Meso-america (Abbeville Press, New York, 1997; $50; 800/278-2665), or the current exhibition of Becom's Mexican photographs at the Weston Gallery in Carmel, California; call (831) 624-4453 for hours.
Over the past years, Fauna Interest Groups were established for Brazil, East Africa, Madagascar, Meso-America, Paraguay, Southeast Asia, Venezuela, Central Africa, and the West Indies.
Hieroglyphic inscriptions on Maya monuments document the role played by Venus in the power politics of Meso-america.
Between 1583 and 1593, when he took Lipsius's place at Leiden, Scaliger was much affected by the French civil wars, although the enforced desultoriness of his reading did lead to later expansion of earlier works, notably with materials on China and Meso-America in the Emendatio's second edition of 1598 (394-459).
While the ancient engineers of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Meso-America, and other long-gone empires may not have had a modern day understanding of the scientific laws governing the flow of fluids, they certainly had an appreciation and practical knowledge of water movement.
Over the succeeding 4,500 years, Indians developed agriculture and built city-states in Meso-America, whose pioneers brought improved species of maize, temple mounds, and a sophisticated commerce up the Mississippi Valley and into the southeast, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.
From the pyramids of Egypt and Meso-america to the modern pyramids of state, we have been and remain barbarians.
The entries manifest a full range of creative forms--literature, music, painting, architecture, film, dance--from all the main historical periods, covering Catholic art in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Meso-America.
Many distinctive features of contemporary Mexican Catholic culture, including devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, can be traced back to the creative inculturation of Christianity into the world views of Meso-America by early Franciscan missionaries.
The Olmec civilisation in Meso-America had three major influences -- the first was the Mongoloid who blended almost indistinguishably with Ica Age Americans, the second was the Negroid Africans, and the third was made up of people with a Mediterranean strain.
Other collections here are devoted to Indians of the Great Plains, Northwest Coast, California, Meso-America, and South America.
Specialists examine Picart's sources for religions in China, India and Meso-America, well as representations of Islam.