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South African annual or biennial plants having flowers that open only in bright sunlight

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Cosentino C, Di Silvestre D, Fischer-Schliebs E, Homann U, De Palma A, Comunian C, Mauri PL, Thiel G (2013) Proteomic analysis of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum leaf microsomal fractions finds an imbalance in V-ATPase stoichiometry during the salt-induced transition from C3 to CAM.
Nonetheless, using rich potting composts with fine, dust-sized seeds such as campanula, sedum, streptocarpus, verbascum and mesembryanthemum isn't a good idea.
Try Alyssum, Mesembryanthemum, Begonias, Diascia, Gypsophila, Lobelia, Petunias and Violas.
Vegetation is similar on the mainland side of the lagoon, although notable additions are the Egyptian fig marigold Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum, whose distribution is rare on mainland UAE, and in a bay on the eastern side of the lagoon (Fig.
Another plant succumbing to the effects of overwatering is Lampranthus or Ice Plant, formerly known as Mesembryanthemum, a succulent native to South Africa, used as a groundcover.
Similarly, in Mesembryanthemum crystallium, the transition from [c.
In 2000 the discovery of sequence information for all subunits of V-ATPase for two plant species; Arabidopsis thaliana [23] and Mesembryanthemum crystallium [24] has aroused a great deal of concern of plant biologists on advance molecular aspects of V-ATPase.
1995; Clare, 1996), the hydrozoan Phialidium gregarium (McCauley, 1997), and the hydroid Tubularia mesembryanthemum (Kawaii et al.
Winter K, Luttge U, Winter E, Troughton JH (1978) Seasonal shift from C3 photosynthesis to crassulacean acid metabolism in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum growing in its natural environment.
Where deep cliffs loom enormous, where cascade Mesembryanthemum and stone-crop down, Where the gull looks no larger than a lark Hung midway twixt the cliff-top and the sand, Sun-shadowed valleys roll along the sea.
The family Aizoaceae is well known in South Africa from the names Mesembryanthemum in English, "vygies" in Afrikaans and "iqina" in Xhosa.
The MT-L cDNA clones pECD7, isolated from Mesembryanthemum crystallinum and pCkn16A1 from Nicotiana plumhaginifolia were used to characterize metallothionein-like mRNA expression during cytokinin treatment, copper and NaCI stress.