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being in or directed toward the midline or mesial plane of the body


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Hembras con area de setas cortas y gruesas a lo largo del margen mesal en la mitad de los paraproctos Eolachesillinae.
Trocanter con una espina ventral; femur con una fila ventral de 9 denticulos decrecientes y granuloso dorsalmente, sin espina mesoapical; patela granulosa; tibia con una fila mesal de dientes y dos espinas, basal y apical y una fila ectal de cinco dientes, una espina y un diente apical; tarso con dos largas espinas y una fila de dientecillos a cada lado.
Diagnostic characters (restated from Whalley 1976) include the round, spatulate, non-bifid uncus (u, a unique shape in the genus), a gnathos (g) with 2 small patches of spines near the center, the mesal margin of the sacculus with 1 tooth (msp), and 5 or 6 large cornuti (c) in the phallus (p).
The reinstatement of al-Sabhan in Baghdad is meant to support the ISIL," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted member of the Iraqi Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee Mesal al-Alousi as saying on Thursday.
Cerco corto, grueso, conico y con la superficie basal papilosa, el eje en la parte mesal se dobla bruscamente hacia el margen dorsal en un angulo recto, desde alli comprimido hasta el apice.
07 el largo del primer tarsomero; tarsomero con una carina distintiva ventral, lateral y mesal longitudinal.
Antenna short, about half as long as total body length; segment I very short, ovoid; segment II weakly flattened, broadened toward apex, shorter than mesal pronotal length; segment III half as long as IV; segment IV slightly longer than I.
17; anterior edge with two minute setae on small tubercle; lateral portion with two minute setae, one pore; mesal portion with one pore, two minute setae.
Stridulatory apparatus present, composed of row of stiff setae placed anteriorly on lateral surfaces of carapace and a few similar bristles on mesal surface of first femora.
26(25) Vesiculas luminosas ubicadas posteriormente en el area mesal del pronotum (Figura 20)27
Trochanter of pedipalpus with strong acute apical spur and short mesal spur, femur with strong, curved and short (1/3 the length of femur) ventromesal spur (Fig.