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black wine grape originally from the region of Bordeaux

dry red wine made from a grape grown widely in Bordeaux and California

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Trust and Commitment as Factors for Productivity MERLOT Editorial Board members clearly feel a sense of commitment to one another and their trust contributes to productivity.
Merlot was tested for its aggregate canning quality, which reflects consumer and processor preferences, in the Michigan State University Pilot Processing Laboratory (Dep.
The winemakers' first reaction was denial--after all, merlot was the wine of the '90s.
The main goal of MERLOT is to develop and present organized collections of online teaching-learning resources for the various disciplines represented in the communities.
Consumer affinity for Merlot is based on the key factors of taste and value
Syrah and Merlot Red Blends $565,456,640 Merlot $573,669,381 Syrah $113,249,374 Source: IRi.
Australia loves merlot and most of the production is blended with cabernet sauvignon to give it ample softness, but it also produces big fruit flavours in delicious young wines such as Zilzie Selection 23 Merlot 2010, Victoria, Australia (pounds 8.
red star][red star][red star][red star][red star] (95) Barclay and Browning Napa Valley Merlot 2001 (California).
RED Merlot says plummy, dark fruit and for PS6 Tesco's Limestone Coast Merlot ticks all the boxes.
Merlot, the easy-going mitigator, also needs a partner.
50 Morrisons American-style pulled pork is the thing to eat with this plummy merlot.
A sumptuous, smooth merlot with notes of cherry, plum and chocolate.
SAM WYLIE-HARRIS celebrates International Merlot Day with styles from around the globe ONE of the most popular, widely grown grapes, not only does merlot taste delicious on its own, but this juicy, fruity red is blended into some of the world's greatest wines.
Sam Wylie-Harris celebrates International Merlot Day with different styles from around the globe | |Chateau Argadens 2012, Bordeaux Superior, France (PS10.