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Meriones libycus and Rhombomys opimus (Rodentia: Gerbillidae) are the main reservoir hosts in a new focus of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran.
socialis, Meriones libycus, Meriones vinogradovi, Calomyscus bailwardi and Allactaga sp.
And Meriones gave to Odysseus a bow and a quiver and a sword, and about his head he set a helm wrought of hide, and with many a tight-stretched thong, was it made stiff within, while without the white teeth of a boar of gleaming tusks were set thick on this side and that, well and cunningly, and within was fixed a lining of felt.
For example, consider the graphic account given the brutal murder of Phereklos by Meriones.
Novel identification of Leishmania major in Hemiechinus aurtius and molecular detection of this parasite in Meriones libycus from important foci of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran.
Field investigations identified 4 Meriones rodent species as Y pestis reservoirs; 2 were resistant (M.
These remains belonged to either Meriones or Gerbillus (Gerbilidae) and we divided them between the two genera by their relative amount actually found in the identifiable remains.
Rodents serve as animal reservoir hosts of this disease and infected Rhombomys opimus, Meriones libycus and M.
Meriones libycus is the main reservoir of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in south Islamic Republic of Iran.
In these foci, gerbil borrows housing Meriones hurrianae and Tatera indica can be found frequently.
In January 2009, eight individuals of the rodent species Meriones shawii (Shaw's jird) and 2 Psamommys obesus (fat sand rats) were trapped inside nomads' tents (H.
Most recently, we found hantavirus antigen in lung tissue of midday jirds Meriones meridianus), which belong to family Muridae, subfamily Gerbilinae, which have not been known to carry hantaviruses (14).
losea were found mainly in southern China; and Meriones unguieulataus and M.
Host defence versus intraspecific competition in the regulation of infrapopulations of the flea Xenopsylla conformis on its rodent host Meriones crassus.
These were obtained from burrows of the Indian desert gerbil Meriones hurrianae that is believed to be a reservoir of L.