risk arbitrage

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arbitrage involving risk

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Merger arbitrage funds as a whole were up less than 10 percent in that time, according to Hedge Fund Research.
Risks: Quaker Event Arbitrage Fund invests in "special situation" securities, as a result of merger arbitrage and capital structure arbitrage, as well as engaging in short-selling, which involves special risks and requires special investment expertise.
Mattison noted, Gabelli Securities has a terrific record in the hedge fund business, historically in Merger Arbitrage and is extending it to other core competencies.
This sub-fund will provide non-US investors with direct access to GAMCO's merger arbitrage strategy in a UCITS form.
Investors are rushing to put money into merger arbitrage funds ahead of an expected recovery in dealmaking in spite of growing fears for the health of western economies.
Merger arbitrage -- This is where you arbitrage various securities of companies that are involved in mergers and acquisitions.
ProShares, a premier provider of alternative exchange traded funds (ETFs), today announced the launch of the ProShares Merger ETF (Ticker: MRGR), the first ETF based on a true merger arbitrage strategy.
Och-Ziff's multi-strategy approach combines global investment strategies, including convertible and derivative arbitrage, credit, long/short equity special situations, merger arbitrage, private investments and structured credit.
The LAB Merger Arbitrage Index remains the best performing sector with year-to-date gains of 5.
ArbJournal, LLC, the leading source for real-time merger arbitrage research and analysis, is pleased to announce the expansion of its product offerings into Europe.
The Merger Arbitrage strategy was the strongest performer for the month, finished down 0.
The new boom in activity in Europe as company profits soar, has turned the spotlight on hedge funds that use merger arbitrage investment techniques.
Mostafavee managed the risks of financing credit, distressed, emerging markets, equity long/short and merger arbitrage hedge fund portfolios.
Although the Event Driven and Merger Arbitrage strategies were down in July, all strategies posted positive performance year-to-date.
As M&A litigation work picks up, lawyers have begun to discover a crossover tool that proves highly useful in the context of litigation: merger arbitrage analysis.