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United States inventor (born in Germany) of the Linotype machine (1854-1899)

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In a Press event addressed by Atraf Shehab, director of the Future Department, Prime Minister's Office, UAE; Stephan Mergenthaler, head of knowledge networks and analysis, member of the executive committee, World Economic Forum and Mirek Dusek, head of Middle East and North Africa, member of the executive committee, the consensus was to address the digital era among other top priorities to unlock potential of regional and global developments.
Repeated discussions with Mergenthaler representatives, both in the United States and in their head office in England, made it clear that they would not divulge the principles of operation, not even under a trade secret or license agreement.
It is perforated, so it filters sunlight," says Mergenthaler.
En 1957 la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa le otorgo el Premio Mergenthaler por su singular manera de tratar con el dibujo temas de la politica nacional e internacional.
During transcription and translation of qualitative data, guidelines of Mergenthaler and Stinson [18] and Mclellan et al.
86, 94 (1898) (holding inventor loses "First-to-Invent" status if abandoning, suppressing, or concealing invention); Mergenthaler v.
Mergenthaler definio 'la necesidad': un teclado que hiciera posible la seleccion mecanica de la letra correcta; un mecanismo para reunir las letras y adaptarlas a la linea, y, lo mas dificil, un mecanismo para devolver la letra a su ubicacion.
Lippe RS, Mergenthaler M and S Isvilanonda Consumer willingness to pay for pesticide safe produce: the case of cabbage and yellow mango in Thailand.
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For it is this very idea, according to Mergenthaler, that drives the entire Romantic project and determines its open, historical "system" of literature, theory, and criticism.
In a foreclosure lawsuit filed in Lane County Circuit Court, Wells Fargo says the building's owner, a company headed by Seattle area businessman Douglas Mergenthaler, owes nearly $4 million in mortgage principal and interest on the property.
Jennett, Sean 1958 Pioneers in Printing: Johann Gutenberg, William Caxton, William Caslon, John Baskerville, Alois Senefelder, Frederick Koenig, Ottmar Mergenthaler, Tolbert Lanston.
Department of Political Science, John Hopkins University, Mergenthaler Hall 275B, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA; e-mail: nielsvandoorn@gmail.
That one had a water pump apparently constructed by Ottmar Mergenthaler, the inventor of the Linotype, a machine so complex that it drove its creator mad.