mercury poisoning

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a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury

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Mercury toxicity due to short term alkyls produces unique but non-specific effects.
In either case, the bacterias interactions can lower mercury toxicity levels in water.
The relative rarity of mercury toxicity might make attributing clinical signs and symptoms to mercury poisoning difficult.
Although several studies attempted to explicate the mechanisms concerned in mercury toxicity but still research is required to get better pharmacological action.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that the amount is around 1-3 micrograms (ug) per day, which is not significant to cause mercury toxicity.
Biocompatibility: Dental Amalgam still faces much dreaded controversy regarding mercury toxicity.
Determination of mercury toxicity and its exposure on human and its environment is of vital importance.
These can include mercury toxicity and bacteria trapped in the jaw from past root canals.
Trying to fix the problem by eating fish creates yet another problem mercury toxicity.
Case in point: Research on mercury toxicity was first published in 1968 (1) in Minamata Bay, Japan.
All Americans will be forced to spend more money for--and be at risk of mercury toxicity from--every fight fixture in the house.
I think our population should be reassured that it is unlikely, because mercury toxicity occurs when mercury is vaporized and inhaled, and all of this was simply skin exposure .
Mild mercury toxicity can cause fatigue, loss of concentration, depression, and headaches.
In short, it was our evaluation of the scientific information on mercury toxicity that made us decide that a comparison of ingested methyl mercury and inhaled mercury vapor was valid and useful.