mercury poisoning

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a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury

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More information is needed on the impact of mercury toxicity on Eared Grebes staging on saline lakes.
A severe mercury toxicity can cause muscle aches and joint pains, memory loss, higher susceptibility to skin problems, severe depression and even insanity (as with the mad hatters disease).
These patients have presented to allopathic and nonallopathic practitioners who attempted to diagnose mercury toxicity on the basis of a urinary chelation challenge.
Molecular mechanisms associated with oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in mediating nickell (10) and mercury toxicity (11) have been detailed here.
Mercury toxicity has been known at least since the first century when Roman prisoners were forced to work in cinnabar mines.
Clinical investigation of mercury toxicity due to the use of a beauty cream.
It has also been third-party tested to ensure there is no risk of mercury toxicity.
Surveys held with the mercury toxicity effect on the crab Eriocheir sinensis, showed that there was an increase in the toxic effect at low salinities for this species (Pequeux et al.
The community is also concerned about "much higher levels of mercury toxicity," in the river he said.
He got interested in mercury in 2003, when a Reader's Digest story featured a doctor treating patients for mercury toxicity.
It turns out that recently both the Centers for Disease Control as well as the Journal of the American Medical Association published studies stating that 8-10% of women of childbearing age had potentially dangerous levels of mercury toxicity.
The most dangerous type of metallic mercury toxicity comes from vapor inhalation.
Our studies confirm selenium's protective effect against mercury toxicity.
Some of the exposed individuals showed typical symptoms of mercury toxicity, such as digestive dysfunction, hypomnesia, sleeping problems, and tremors.
At seven, he was diagnosed as "suffering from disintegrative autism resulting from mercury toxicity.