Mercalli scale

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a scale formerly used to describe the magnitude of an earthquake

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4 The Mercalli scale rates the effects - rather than the actual energy involved - of which phenomena?
The most commonly used measure of earthquake intensity is the Mercalli scale, developed in 1902 by Giuseppe Mercalli and modified in 1931, which scores a quake on a range from I ("People do not feel any Earth movement") through VI ("Everyone feels movement.
Earthquake intensity indicates the damage caused by a quake; it's measured on an index known as the Mercalli scale.
Though the magnitude of the earthquake recorded at the epicentre was in the Iran-Pakistan massive, he said the Shake Map at the Dubai Seismic Network showed the intensity felt in Dubai and Abu Dhabi was about four degrees in the modified Mercalli Scale.
8 on the 12-point Mercalli scale and made thousands homeless.