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antihistamine used to treat rhinitis and pruritus

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The in vitro reactivity of fascia from the rat and guinea-pig to calcium ions and mepyramine.
Mepyramine is a first generation antihistamine, blocking the peripheral histamine H(1) receptor [9].
One group, consisting of 17 horses, received intramuscular mepyramine maleate * administration at a dosage of 2mg/kg twice at 12 hours intervals, while the other group, consisting 14 horses, received the placebo containing purified water (at equivalent doses of mepyramine maleate).
g DOTA LAN, mepyramine and 11 C tryptophan, histidine/histamine- derived tracers, in future, may well be used in similar attempts as tools to follow and characterize non invasively the PNECs and occult metastases in patients through Positron Emittance Tomography (PET) or Scintigraphy (35).
The effects of atropine (Sigma-Aldrich, St Louis, MO USA), mepyramine (May & Baker, UK) and nifedipine (Zuellig Pharma, Singapore) on ileal contractions induced by CPX, acetylcholine and histamine, were studied qualitatively.
This effect (histamine-induced contraction of guinea pig ileum) is antagonized by mepyramine (Rang and Dale, 1987).