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a person who receives support and protection from an influential patron who furthers the protege's career

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She added that the mentorship programme is targeted at students who tend to shy away from opportunities for various reasons.
IAI will also supervise participating startups whose technology is applicable to the IAI, providing mentorship, technological cooperation and investment.
The E Emerging Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program at College of DuPage is for students in any discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit, who recognize an emerging demand and have the determination to pursue it.
Mentorship is a relationship between a mentor, someone who has more experience or knowledge, and a mentee and is marked by an emotional bond (DuBois and Karcher, 2005).
NetApp mentorship helped us focus our market research, and identify the right target market and target customers we could go after," said Ravi Madhira, CEO, Scalend Technologies, one of the startups graduating from the NetApp Excellerator.
I am skeptical of formal mentorship programs, having had a bad experience with an assigned mentor while finding exceptional and invaluable mentors on my own.
The Amen program is meant to facilitate the scaling up of MSMEs in the region through mentorship.
The CRT mentorship process has generated many inspiring success stories.
We must understand that our value to students lies in our ability to provide intenrional mentorship.
Those accepted into the program will be expected to complete a book-length project during the mentorship year, which will be presented at ALTA40: Reflections/Refractions, set for October 5-8, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minn.
The Navy Reserve Mentorship Network (NRMN) is here to enhance your career.
I appreciate your journal sharing the article "A Leadership Development Program Through Mentorship for Clinical Nurses in Turkey" by Fahriye Vatan and Ayla Temel (2016).
There is also little known about whether or not proteges' IM tactics exert an impact on mentorship quality and then influence mentors' knowledge sharing.
He said there may be more than 500 students who have- signed up, and Bar members are allowed to choose what kind of mentee they'd like to pair up with on their mentorship application--be it by geographic location, practice area, or law school.