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Synonyms for peppermint

herb with downy leaves and small purple or white flowers that yields a pungent oil used as a flavoring

a candy flavored with peppermint oil

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The content and composition of essential oils hydro-distilled from leaves of Mentha x piperita, Mentha spicata, Mentha arvensis, and Mentha longifolia cultivated or growing naturally in Estonia was studied.
Ruda Asteraceae Matricaria recutita L Manzanilla Asteraceae Senecio salignus DC Azomiate Equisetaceae Equisetum sp Cola de caballo Lamiaceae Mentha x piperita L Hierba buena Asteraceae Artemisia sp Estafiate Porcentaje de Familia padecimientos * Asteraceae 16,9 % Lamiaceae 15,49 % Asteraceae 14,08 % Rutaceae 14,08 % Asteraceae 8,45 % Asteraceae 8,45 % Equisetaceae 8,45 % Lamiaceae 7,04 % Asteraceae 7,04 % * Sobre el total de padecimientos mencionados (71).
Asi, nos propusimos realizar la presente investigacion para determinar la actividad anti-Tripanosoma cruzi in vitro de los aceites esenciales de Mentha X piperita L (menta), Rosmarinus officinalis L (romero), Chenopodium ambrosioides L (paico), Eucaliptus globulus Labill (eucalipto), Artemisia absinthium L (ajenjo), Melissa officinalis L (toronjil), Minthostachys setosa Brig (muna), Cimbopogon citratus (hierba luisa), Aloysia triphylla (cedron) y Mentha spicata L (hierba buena).
Mentha x piperita 'Citrata' has several common names, but is usually known as bergamot mint or eau-de-cologne mint.
Extracts of oils from species such as Mentha x piperita, the peppermint, are used in a wide variety of preparations, including mouth washes, cold remedies, perfumes, toiletries, cigarettes, confectionery, ice cream and even liqueurs such as creme de menthe.
Nitrogenio, calcio e potassio sao os macronutrientes de maior concentracao em todas as partes das plantas de Mentha arvensis, Mentha x gracilis e Mentha x piperita var.