Mentha arvensis

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European mint naturalized in United States

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The content and composition of essential oils hydro-distilled from leaves of Mentha x piperita, Mentha spicata, Mentha arvensis, and Mentha longifolia cultivated or growing naturally in Estonia was studied.
Influence of the leaf extract of Mentha arvensis Linn.
Czepak (1998) tambem encontrou resultados semelhantes ao do presente estudo, trabalhando com oito idades de colheita, ao longo de um ano (frequencia), em Mentha arvensis, no Norte do Estado do Parana.
Enhancement of the antibiotic activity against a multiresistant Escherichia coli by Mentha arvensis L.
These plants were Amomum subulatum, Bixa orellana, Cajanus cajan, Carissa carandas, Cinnamomum tamala, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Coccinia grandis, Dillenia indica, Ferula asafoetida, Manilkara zapota, Mentha arvensis, Moringa oleifera, Nymphaea nouchali, Phyllanthus emblica, Spilanthes acmella, Syzygium aromaticum, Terminalia belerica, and Terminalia chebula.
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of absorption and localization of Pb and Cd, applied with increasing concentrations in soil, on the growth, ultrastructural aspects of leaves and the essential oil production and quality of Mentha arvensis.
Araceae) from Peshawar, roots of Saussurea lappa (Costus) (Asteraceae) from Kashmir leaves of Mentha arvensis (Mint) (Lamiaceae), leaves of Ocimum basilicum (Sweet basil) ( Lamiaceae), and leaves of Cymbopogan citrates (Lemon grass) (Apocynaceae) from Lahore.
Current investigation comprised the antibacterial activity of the crude hydroalcoholic extracts from the aerial parts (stems and leaves) of Mentha arvensis evaluated on oral bacteria and yeasts.
Mentha arvensis showed synergism against multiresistant strains (20,21).
Effect of kinetin and chlormequat chloride on growth, leaf abscission and essential oil yield in Mentha arvensis.
5%) [17] and it's different to the composition of essential oil of Mentha arvensis study in India by [16] which de major compounds were: menthol (71.
Realizaram-se tres experimentos simultaneos, para as especies Mentha arvensis L.