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A few years later my Mexican American, formerly Catholic writer-husband published a short story drawing on my experience on the mental ward that he called "The World Came Crashing Down on My Wife.
Are you going to the dim, depressing hospital that looks like a mental ward, or are you going to the one with the well-lighted lobby and sun-soaked atrium?
Nina Ball, SET DESIGN: One of our challenges was to create a space that could be anywhere, from the middle of the ocean to a mental ward that perhaps exists only in Odysseus's mind.
John Carpenter's The Ward (15) A mental ward for young women is terrorised by a vengeful ghost in underwhelming slasher with ridiculous last minute twist.
He stars as RP McMurphy in this 1975 film, a small time con who fakes a mental illness to escape jail time, only to find life on a mental ward can be, well, mental.
It is the story of Teddy Daniels, a war veteran and US Marshal who is sent to investigate the disappearance from a mental ward of a patient convicted of murder.
Jasinski and uncounted other service members march forward into wars they don't like, avoiding jail time or commitment to the mental ward.
Tule Peake's production design impresses with the transformation of the sterile mental ward to squalid ninth circle of hell, and Meirelles' vision of the outside world, littered with rubbish as extras stagger blindly about, is no less convincing.
For Tichy, bucking the system meant prison or a mental ward.
But when he claims to be the real Santa Claus, a hack store psychologist conspires to have Kringle put away in a mental ward in Bellevue.
A cannabis user told a court about his descent into a drugs hell that landed him on a mental ward.
Drake has been on remand at a mental ward at Clatterbridge hospital and Judge Bruce Macmillan made a hospital order.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that Drake has been on remand at a locked mental ward at Clatterbridge Hospital and, after studying a psychiatric report, Judge Bruce Macmillan made a hospital order.
You gotta get in the mental ward,'' Hatcher said Tuesday, ``and work things out.