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Synonyms for mental

Synonyms for mental

relating to or performed by the mind

Synonyms for mental

involving the mind or an intellectual process


of or relating to the chin- or liplike structure in insects and certain mollusks

of or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw


affected by a disorder of the mind

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His mental status examination continues to be unremarkable and the most recent mini mental status examination score was 27/30.
P's fluctuating mental status, gait instability, and confabulation create a high suspicion for Wernicke's encephalopathy
However, in the multivariate analysis, only alteration of mental status was an independent risk.
Cytologic examination also provided false-positive results in 8 of the 373 patients (2%) with no history of a hematologic malignancy, whose altered mental status was due to benign causes.
The Saint Louis University Mental Status Examination (SLUMS) is in public domain (Newman & Feldman, 2011).
While several respondents -- 32 per cent -- said " living without tension", " living happily" and " satisfied routine life" are the indicators of a healthy mental status, almost one- fourth -- 24 per
Aimed at clinicians, trainees, and students, the book's 13 chapters are divided into three sections that cover topics from the diagnostic interview to key changes in the DSM-5, the mental status examination and psychiatric glossary to alternative diagnostic systems and rating scales.
Symptoms in people 60 and older are more variable than in younger patients, but three important indications of meningitis in older patients--fever, neck stiffness, and altered mental status that includes such symptoms as sleepiness, confusion, agitation, or irritability--require immediate medical assessment.
The first mental status assessment showed no statistical difference of decline in mental status (p=0.
The accused has been referred to Ibn Sina Hospital for a check-up of his mental status as the residents claim he is suffering from psychological illness.
Only 6% of people with dementia had their level of cognitive impairment measured on admission and discharge, while only 43% of case notes showed patients had a mental status test despite 75% of hospitals saying they had a procedure for it, it was said.
Based on careful review of the records of patients who succeeded in committing suicide as an inpatient, the researchers identified several salient features of the mental status of these patients.
The degree of recovery depends on the health and mental status of a person before the delirium.
In contrast, the frequency of other chief complaints increased steadily with age, including dyspnea, syncope, weakness, abdominal pain, and altered mental status, Dr.