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Synonyms for rigidity

Synonyms for rigidity

the physical property of being stiff and resisting bending

the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe

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The challenge is to imagine the inhabitants, their mental set and visual sense.
The site is targeted to the ethnically diverse market who consider themselves as part of the phenomena known as "The Life," which is heavily rooted in the culture of the street, ranging from the "Y" generation to older age groups whose mental set is based in a hip, savvy, culturally aware, somewhat futuristic sense of community.
But the hypothesis that Parker's adult mental set was structured by a decisively clear-cut conscience-shaping experience from early childhood squares well with the severely reductionist bent of his theology.
More structured procedures such as listening to special tapes or music are clearly more apt to induce a mental set potentially psi-conducive, as Honorton (1977) and Storm, and Thalbourne (2001) have documented.
Further research is needed to investigate the potential influence of participants' mental set and expectations on the content of psychomanteum experiences.
It is possible that the presence of prompting by example in the first question created a mental set for the respondents which led them to use the same descriptors for the second question.
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