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Allowing his appeal, the judge, sitting with Mr Justice Blake and Mr Justice William Davis, replaced the life term with a mental health order, meaning he will be detained and treated in a mental hospital until experts are convinced he is not a danger.
But across the country at different mental hospitals, they wait endlessly for someone to help them lead normal life.
This leads us to the next issue, which is the distribution of mental hospitals around the country.
The poor lost souls in mental hospitals are either dissidents, lonely, abused by society or others or broken hearted.
Reporting on conditions and treatment at forty-six unnamed mental hospitals, the book documented instances of medical neglect, indifference, cruelty, brutality, and death.
Inspectors described the level of dirt in Dublin's Central Mental Hospital as "inexcusable".
The number of beds at Texas' state mental hospitals has gradually declined from 2,800 in 1996 to about 2,400 now.
Sky News wrote to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health to ask why mental hospitals were being used as dumping grounds for those seeking justice, but received no answer.
Inspector-General of Mental Hospitals, Frank Hay, noted that "for members of the nursing staff the year should be memorable, because those who fulfilled the conditions had the privilege of being enrolled on the Register of Mental Nurses.
He said: "If you sat as often as I do and have contact with those who are in mental hospitals then you appreciate the terrible toll that cannabis takes upon people who end up as restricted patients in mental hospitals.
By 2030, officials project that 720 forensic patients will be housed in state mental hospitals.
There were mental hospitals available many years before the NHS was set up.
These offenders, who are confined indefinitely in mental hospitals after serving their time, are considered sane enough to be convicted and punished but not sane enough to be released.
A FARM labourer who spent more than 40 years in mental hospitals because he was unfit to stand trial for killing two women, was finally jailed for life yesterday for the horrific attacks.
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