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a Russian member of the liberal minority group that advocated gradual reform and opposed the Bolsheviks before and during the Russian Revolution

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As they resisted the idea of a workers' revolution, working-class supporters of the Mensheviks - a moderate socialist party - repeatedly used the word "Thermidor" to warn of what might happen.
Pipes and Haimson exchanged a few dozen letters from 1958, mostly relating to the Menshevik Project, of whose governing board Pipes was a member.
The Menshevik government had difficulties with controlling corruption and with raising taxes, and even the Head of State, Noe Zhordania, admitted that the economic and social conditions were unbearable.
He blamed this in good part on the Minister of Supply, Giorgii Eradze, in the government led by Noe Zhordania, a Menshevik politician and journalist.
Olberg, however, was not a Finnish journalist, but a Latvian Menshevik who worked as a journalist in Russia while writing for Finnish outlets as well.
Pro- Menshevik president Noe Zhordania and a social-democratic government led the country until March 1921, when it was occupied by the Bolshevik Red Army.
In her rendition Lenin appears to be the more effective revolutionary and party leader than the vain Georgii Plekhanov, the acknowledged 'Father of Russian Marxism', or the feckless Menshevik leader, Iulii Martov, or the ageing Bohemian, Vera Zasulich.
23) from the names of streets assigned to writers, poets or artists to the early Menshevik revolutionaries (p.
The attitude of the Russian Poale Zion Party to the events in Soviet Russia first reflected the negative statements of the Menshevik Party, of which the Poale Zion Party was an integral part.
At the time of the Communist revolution in 1917, the Menshevik Georgian government accused Ossetians of cooperating with the Bolsheviks.
A former Menshevik and Bundist leader, Abramovitch chaired the AFL's American Labor Conference on International Affairs after World War II, edited its journal, The Modern Review (assisted by the young sociologist Daniel Bell, a self-described alienated Jew), contributed frequently to The New Leader and Forverts, and authored a two-volume Yiddish memoir of the 1905 and 1917 Russian revolutions.
7) With the Menshevik and Socialist-Revolutionary opposition parties winning sweeping victories against the Bolsheviks in local Soviet elections during 1921, the regime was forced to abandon all pretences of 'democracy'.
His father was a medical doctor with close ties to the Menshevik branch of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.
Serious study of Marx and Engels' big books with no pictures led me to a forgotten gem of a text authored by that virulent Marxist opponent of Lenin, Left Menshevik Julius Martov.
While the result clearly indicates why the subject engaged the sympathy of Getzler as biographer of the Menshevik Iulii Martov and chronicler of the anti-Bolshevik Kronstadt uprising, there is more than enough to justify its appearance beyond any sectarian interpretation of the Russian Revolution.