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a member of an Anabaptist movement in Holland noted for its simplicity of life

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Neither Protestant nor Catholic, the Mennonite religion is rooted in the Anabaptist movement that began in Europe in the 1500s.
Mennonite settlement in Manitoba typically occurred on reserves, which allowed Mennonites certain privileges in practising their own religion and culture.
In the first, Thiessen discusses Mennonite conceptions of God and how this diversity has given rise to a range of attitudes about unions.
Luyken joined the Mennonite Church in 1673, during the Mennonite Golden Age period in Holland, when many prominent citizens either joined the church or at least did not mind being associated with it.
Part Mennonite coming-of-age story and part modern teen mystery, Trilby Kent's novel captures the voice of Ana, a teenage girl who is looking for her mother while hiding from an unknown threat.
As an outsider-insider to the southern Manitoba Mennonite literary community, I have listened from the sidelines to many debates about Mennonite writing and its necessarily shifting parameters.
Horse-And_Buggy Genius: Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World
THE GENESIS OF Sons and Mothers: Stories from Mennonite Men came at the June 2013 book launch for a different book, Mothering Mennonite, a collection of stories women wrote about their Mennonite mothers.
Like the vast memoir literature on the Soviet Mennonite experience, written in German and Russian, Neufeld's story is an insider account, from the perspective of an important leadership group in Ukraine during the 1920s famine.
Thiessen probes the connections between religious identity and the makeover of the Mennonite labour force occasioned by urbanization.
Rooted in the Prairie Street congregation, this initiative also included Mennonite leaders whose concerns about Yoder's conduct dated back many years.
I've always considered it to be a very appropriate name, since the Brandywine River together with its east and west branches was the very epicenter of the Mennonite settlements in North America from 1683-1783.
Wonderfully illustrated throughout in full color, "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" is a 208 page compendium of superbly presented recipes compiled by a team of ten Mennonite women to showcase and celebrate Mennonite culinary traditions and accomplishments.
Churches Engage Asian Traditions: A Global Mennonite History.
In 2007, as then-president of Mennonite World Conference (MWC), I led an MWC delegation to the Vatican at the invitation of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU).
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