Meniere's disease

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a disease of the inner ear characterized by episodes of dizziness and tinnitus and progressive hearing loss (usually unilateral)

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We know that not only sudden hearing loss but also other unilateral disorders, such as tinnitus or Meniere disease, occur more frequently in the left ear than in the right.
Statistics in the literature show sudden deafness, tinnitus, inner ear damage, and Meniere disease to be predominant in the left ear (10 to 20%).
Companies discussed in this Meniere Disease Pipeline Review, H2 2014 report include Orbis Biosciences, Inc.
Reasons to buy Meniere Disease Pipeline Review, H2 2014 report:
Anatomic variations may include the distortion of the membranous labyrinth in Meniere disease, an enlarged vestibular aqueduct, and even dislodged otoliths; in the latter case, the fluid dynamics model complements current theories of BPPV.
The etiology of Meniere disease is thought to be multifactorial, involving both genetic and environmental factors.
For example, in some patients, sudden deafness is followed by symptoms of Meniere disease months or even years later.
Furthermore, patients may present with aural fullness, stuffiness, or pressure as a clinical precursor to cochlear hydrops or Meniere disease.
While obtaining very careful histories from Meniere disease patients over the years, we have found that BPPV is a common concomitant condition.
French physician Prosper Meniere first described Meniere disease in 1861, and it remains a challenging entity that can vary from patient to patient and cause symptoms ranging from mild to disabling.
Labyrinthectomy is a last resort procedure to treat severe vertigo, usually in patients with Meniere disease who have failed all conservative medical and surgical means of treatment, especially when the disease is predominantly unilateral.
Hosseinzadeh M, Hilinski JM, Turner WJ, Harris JR Meniere disease caused by an anomalous vein of the vestibular aqueduct.
Herpes simplex virus antibodies in the perilymph of patients with Meniere disease.