Mendenhall Glacier

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a glacier of the Piedmont type near Juneau in Alaska

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On the whale watch, excitement mounted in the water-jet-powered catamaran as we cruised up and down Stephens Passage, with glimpses of the Mendenhall Glacier.
CHILL THRILL Ice cave underneath Mendenhall Glacier
The Mendenhall glacier research site therefore allows a unique perspective for studies such as this one.
Even the most planning-averse travelers should be able to find a hotel room in Anchorage, Juneau, or Fairbanks and take day trips: You can visit the Mendenhall Glacier from Juneau, float the Placer River from Anchorage, or explore Chena Hot Springs from Fair banks.
Using acrylics and mixed media, Robert is also showing the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, the Beach and Castle, Thurso, and Funchal, Madeira.
Located slightly more than 10 miles from downtown Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is a bustling tourist center with nature trails that gives teens a birds-eye view of the famous 12-mile glacier as well as a comprehensive look at its history.
If you opt for a glacier wedding, there is no place finer than the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.
He loved the Guide's Adventure Hike, while I went for the Mendenhall Glacier and Gardens tour.
We turned thumbs-down on a helicopter ride to a plateau on Mendenhall Glacier, a seaplane ride, and a whale sightseeing tour-all made accessible with seating adjustments.
Mendenhall Glacier, though not as massive as some of the glaciers in this part of Alaska (it's about 18 square miles), lies just a few miles northwest of town.
I managed to get a chunk of the Mendenhall glacier shipped to L.
For example, they may combine the Mendenhall Glacier, located 13 miles from downtown, with a salmon bake or a brewery tour.
We climb into large rubber rafts and, still whistling, paddle gently across still waters in the shade of the mighty Mendenhall Glacier.
The Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau, is a good example of a valley glacier.
Don't miss the Mendenhall Glacier, a 12-mile-long ice field hundreds of feet thick and moving forward two feet per day.