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a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)

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He claims we can and should rebel against the tyranny of the selfish replicators, that is, memes enable us to rebel against genes, but Blackmore (1998) counters by saying that there is no one to rebel.
As a book -- the mother of all meme vessels -- release 2.
And this is my last Rob Ford/Pusha T meme for today.
Whether an adaptation, exaptation, or cultural inclination -- whether expressed through memes that are reasonable responses to an only partially known reality or just fantasy -- the religious urge today is rising like the phoenix.
Memes are odd things - they take off because they capture the imagination, but they rarely take off if they've been planned that way.
com receives seed round for online Internet memes website in Philadelphia, PA.
Les Freres musulmans ont pris le pretexte du verdict prononce mercredi dans la bataille des chameaux pour organiser une manifestation le meme jour, au meme endroit.
There are numerous websites, blogs, and pages out there that cater to this entertaining trend of memes.
Through the concept of memes I have discovered additional and satisfying nomenclature for expanding my thoughts on general semantics and my awareness of some of the mechanisms probably involved in human interactions with the world.
What genes do through reproduction, memes do through imitation.
Ils semblent vouloir continuer a appliquer les memes methodes que le PND de Moubarak.
com partners with Memes to create a online social network for Raw foodists to enjoy eating well.
Par ailleurs, les memes services font etat du lancement des travaux de construction de 4.
Evidence of that is the growing number of memes about the controversial public fund misused by many politicians for their personal gain in social media, tapping popular movies, TV shows and characters to drive home the message that too much fat is bad.
Meme ceux qui l'ont recue, certains d'entre eux du moins, vivent les memes tourments.