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an elected member of the British Parliament: a member of the House of Commons

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The Member of Parliament was attacked last Tuesday as participating in a sit-in held in front of the cabinet's office demanding to hospitalize the 2011 wounded revolutionaries.
Jack Frazer, a retired Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.
I encourage you to write or e-mail your Member of Parliament and ask him or her to support MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion, Motion 312.
Pew-sitting Anglicans have a significant role to play in the life of their local member of Parliament, regardless of that person's faith perspective.
Shuah Mudiwa, member of parliament for Mutare West was detained in the chamber on Monday, Nelson Chamisa, MDC spokesman, said.
This approach provides an opportunity to probe deeper into the relationship that exists between a member of parliament and a citizen, to look at the foundation of this relationship, and to find--through the concept of fiduciary duty--a minimum, legal threshold of accountability to which all members of parliament must rise.
Marta Lorena Alvarado, a member of Parliament in Honduras, is the author of the text.
Be a part of our initiative to create a fair go for all Australians by sending a letter to your local Member of Parliament supporting the adoption of Australia Fair Impact Statements.
Dear Editor, - In the two years that I've been privileged to chair the North-field District Committee councillors of all parties and the Member of Parliament have worked together on several unique initiatives which we have designed to provide good governance for the people of Northfield.
I applaud Middlesbrough's Member of Parliament, Sir Stuart Bell, and the chairman of the Cleveland Police Authority Councillor Dave McLuckie, in their efforts to try to influence Dr John Reid, the newly appointed Home Secretary, with regards to the proposed amalgamation of the region's police services.
Charles Jencks suggests that this motif, supposedly representing an abstract member of parliament, might have been inspired by the famous Raeburn painting of the Reverend Robert Walker poised on his ice skates.
The series opens explosively, with two seemingly unconnected deaths: A suspected drug dealer's brains are spattered against the wall of an alley by an unknown assailant (a witness is shot off his motorbike as well), while the researcher for a rising member of Parliament is ground under a train in London's Tube, an apparent suicide.
These Parliamentary truants should be given a spell in detention and made to write out 500 times: "Being a Member of Parliament is a full-time job".
But if you are a Member of Parliament you would have no problem because your pension would be getting subsidised by, yes, you've got it, the t axpaye r.
During a May 2002 onsite visit, Program Director Arguedas was invited to a meeting of the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) where she met with its chairperson, Loyce Bwambale, and Winnie Byanyima, a member of Parliament.
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