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an elected member of the British Parliament: a member of the House of Commons

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It was much easier to become a Member of Parliament than to become a waiter in that hotel.
Sir Joseph Bowley, Baronet and Member of Parliament, was to play a match at skittles--real skittles--with his tenants!
Mark the successful man, the merchant prince with argosies on every sea, the employer of thousands of hands, the munificent contributor to public charities, the churchwarden, the member of parliament, and the generous patron of his relatives his self-approbation struggling with the instinctive sense of baseness in the money-hunter, the ignorant and greedy filcher of the labor of others, the seller of his own mind and manhood for luxuries and delicacies that he was too lowlived to enjoy, and for the society of people who made him feel his inferiority at every turn.
He challenged her to proceed; and she proclaimed him a Liberal Member of Parliament.
As does exist to some extent now, the conflict of interest regime should have as its basis a solid conception of the loyalty, honesty and selflessness central to the duty of a member of parliament.
You can send a letter to your local member of parliament supporting this initiative on www.
I have, therefore, been saddened to read of accusations by the Member of Parliament that councillors are trying to exclude him from District Committee meetings because of a proposal to change the day on which we hold them from Saturday to a weekday evening.
The interesting question - as posed by the past Father of the House of Commons, Mr Tam Dalyell, on the introduction of devolution in the UK - is that a Scottish Member of Parliament could vote for proposals relevant only to England, with no consequences to his own constituency.
1) A dead body throws together two former political allies - one a member of Parliament (David Morrissey, left), the other now a reporter (John Simm) in ``State of Play.
Betty Majula (2002 intern) moderated, and among the panelists were a re-elected member of parliament, a newly elected member of parliament and a candidate who was not elected.
The journey he made that weekend to take up a seat as Member of Parliament for the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa's ruling party, took him into a new and tough world --far from the ordered academia where he had spent his working life.
In Ramallah, the IOF arrested the Palestinian Member of Parliament Fadel Hamdan.
The Member of Parliament also highlighted the importance of holding awareness campaigns to immune the Lebanese society against takfirist thoughts.
The Committee would be chaired by the Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) elected from the District having the largest part of the district under his/ her Parliamentary constituency.
August 9, 2013 (BOR) - A local member of parliament in Bor has called for 5,000 Murle refugees whom he claims are exiled in Ethiopia to return home.
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