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a member of the United States House of Representatives

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Nearly a third of Americans (32%) today say their member of Congress is corrupt, 10 points higher than in 2006.
Anyone with an IBM-compatible computer can download the programs and get a detailed voting record of any member of Congress.
Franchise Congress activities such as this demonstrate the power of small business to a member of Congress, and helps the member see what's going on behind the scenes of a franchise.
Voters are usually much more charitable when asked whether their own member of Congress deserves to be re-elected (as opposed to most members), and that is also the case in the latest poll.
One red light appeared next to the name of the single member of Congress who voted "no.
But they tend to think their own member of Congress isn't so bad.
Apparently, in the committee's view, no member of Congress ever earmarks as a result of a campaign contribution.
These efforts will not deter me from performing my sworn duty under the Constitution as a member of Congress.
Under the old rules, the Congressional Accountability Project and other citizens' groups had to try to find a member of Congress willing to sponsor their ethics complaints.
Stark is sponsoring legislation which would require every member of Congress to be similarly stuck in his home district's cheapest plan to ensure that it offers high quality care.
Fully 62% of likely voters approve of the job their Member of Congress is doing.
NAFTA is the result of what one member of Congress called "fifteen months of the most secretive trade negotiations I've ever monitored.
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