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United States writer of novels and short stories (1819-1891)

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Buoyed by his sense of Melville's "resilience" (90) and his own "multi-faceted approach" (25) to Melville's texts, Hayes manages to be rewarding for beginners and seasoned Melvilleans alike.
All these various strands intersect richly with Robert Milder's Exiled Royalties and Ilana Pardes's Melville's Bibles, two very different studies that nonetheless share an unabashed and delightfully conveyed pleasure in the Melvillean text--not just as a driving force to move the reading along but as a critical principle that re-infuses classic texts with at times surprisingly new and provocative readings.
The monologues, by contrast, enter fully into the world of Melvillean fiction and its interpretation, largely in relation to the issues of the War.
Like his Melvillean inspiration, the peg-legged owner and ringmaster (Thom Sesma) is a tyrannical overlord running a ramshackle operation of enslavement and brutalization.
None of Martin's Melvillean epic canvases were on view here, but these smaller works--some thick and impastoed, others painted over and over in the service of a spare, graphic economy (End of the Movie .
This epistemological double bind of explicit denial and yet implicit knowledge is reminiscent of the Melvillean curse of "the Negro Babo.
The Encantadas' and 'The Isle of the Cross': Melvillean Dubieties, 1853-54.
Such enhanced retelling (the aesthetic of plays and films made from novels) is a Melvillean anticipation of Mann and Brecht.
Although Melville's reading of Milton's God reveals, as one would expect, particularly Melvillean attitudes, these attitudes tell us more about Melville's religiously rebellious mind than about his relation to his culture.
If I tell them about a Bolivian tin miner who earns a dollar a day, they will turn the page, maybe wincing slightly with Melvillean guilt.
They take a Melvillean voyage into knowledge, pushing off from an inner island of safety into a sea of awareness of their own capacity for evil, a place from which Ishmael says "thou canst never return.
Such particularity, however, does not ensure the permanence of fiction; rather, if this were the sole boon offered by the literary work of art, all novels would quickly become moribund endeavors, tracts destined for sealed cultural crypts watched over by strange Melvillean archivists.
queer" voices in and around the Melvillean text seen by Irina Dubsky while Magdalena Ozarska announced three space-related motifs in life writing of Frances Burney, Dorothy Wordsworth and William Wordsworth.
Here is how Shneidman defines the Melvillean notion of annihilation that lies at the core of most of his literary works:
19) Compare to the vivacious, almost Melvillean exuberance of figurative language, in this account of stripping down in the open air, as if a pendent to "I am mad for it to be in contact with me":