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United States librarian who founded the decimal system of classification (1851-1931)

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They also suggest that some programs may return to a vocational approach to library and information science education, the approach adopted by Melvil Dewey and criticized so forcibly in the reports commissioned by the Carnegie Corporation.
Irrepressible reformer: A biography of Melvil Dewey.
Hailing this pronouncement, Melvil Dewey elaborated, using the numeral "1" for the indefinite pronoun, "Writing is attempt to convey to 1 at a distance (either in space or time) what wud be spokn to 1 close at hand, and therefore writn word shud represent spokn word as exactly as posibl.
A Biography of Melvil Dewey, and with Jim Danky and Christine Pawley, coedits the series Print Culture History in Modern America for the University of Wisconsin Press.
She explores the practices of Melvil Dewey and Charles Cutter in relation to Hegel and Scottish Common Sense philosophers.
THIS ARTICLE EXPLORES THE CONNECTIONS between Melvil Dewey and Hegelianism and Charles Cutter and the Scottish Common Sense philosophers.
Melvil Dewey and the new profession of librarianship were at the forefront of this movement (Dewey, 1912; Frohmann, 1994, pp.
As Melvil Dewey (1886) noted: "Is it not true that the ideal librarian fills a pulpit where there is a service every day during all the waking hours, with a large proportion of the community frequently in the congregation?
Berninghausen did not burn a book, denounce the time-honored Melvil Dewey, or sully the name of the venerable Library of Congress.
Seeing this, Melvil Dewey urged the New York Free Circulating Library to house this library in one of its branches.
Melvil Dewey, director of the library from 1889 to 1906, is widely recognized for his leadership in library technology as well as his advancement of the profession of librarianship.
END OF GROUSE SHOOTING SEASON 1851: Melvil Dewey, who devised the library cataloguing system which bears his name, was born in New York.
I didn't mention that the catalogue program was invented in 1876 by Melvil Dewey Decimal System, because I figured he already knew.
The supporting cast of characters the reader will meet along the way includes popular figures in American history such as Buffalo Bill, George Washington Gale Ferris, Samuel Gompers, Melvil Dewey, Thomas Edison, and Clarence Darrow, among others.
Their sources include Melvil Dewey, Charles Ammi Cutter, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Rogers Bowker and even Theodore Roosevelt.