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United States librarian who founded the decimal system of classification (1851-1931)

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Haydens extraordinary accomplishments in multiple roles at the national, state and local levels are both outstanding and inspirational, said Winston Tabb, chair of the Melvil Dewey Medal jury.
Para Melvil Dewey (asi como para los teoricos de su tiempo), la idea de un sistema de clasificacion deberia cumplir principalmente con dos objetivos:
Above: Melvil Dewey first envisioned traveling libraries during the early 1900s.
ALA Melvil Dewey Medal for lifetime achievements in the library profession, 2015
Activities have been created for books about Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Emily Dickinson, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Melvil Dewey, Helen Keller, Harry S.
A Biography of Melvil Dewey, and with Jim Danky and Christine Pawley, coedits the series Print Culture History in Modern America for the University of Wisconsin Press.
Dans le domaine des bibliotheques etablies a l'intention du public ou d'un certain public, depuis Callimaque jusqu'a Melvil Dewey, on a reflechi a l'organisation du contenu des bibliotheques, car comme l'affirme Manguel, << si une bibliotheque est un miroir de l'univers, alors un catalogue est un miroir de ce miroir >>.
From Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press) to Melvil Dewey (inventor of the Dewey Decimal System), every aspect of library life is covered in this great book.
Manis knew the students would be interested in this personal little anecdote about Melvil Dewey.
Not only did its 1,647 pages seem to provide an extremely detailed and comprehensive outline of the entire scope of human knowledge, but the book also had the fascination of being printed throughout in the "reformed spelling" advocated by the decimal system's originator, Melvil Dewey.
Not since Melvil Dewey came up with his now-ubiquitous Decimal System have librarians faced such a challenge to their status quo.
However, after Melvil Dewey recruited women to attend his "School of Library Economy" in New York, the numbers of female librarians increased significantly, and by the turn of the century, women comprised 75 percent of the field.
Audio-based spelling will hole your boat every time; the American librarian and founder of the decimal system of classification (in 1876) was New Yorker Melvil Dewey (1851-1931), so spelled.
Between 1876 and 1883, Melvil Dewey worked as a Boston entrepreneur promoting a variety of educational schemes that addressed the nation's library, metric, and spelling reform interests.
Melvil Dewey in 1899 at the first Lake Placid Conference on Home Economics to call for "politicized domesticity by urging women to use their skills in 'that larger household in the city.