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any of numerous fruits of the gourd family having a hard rind and sweet juicy flesh

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6] Reported the deterioration of cotton seeds, soya beans and melon seeds and their oils by mesophilic moulds.
The increased MET in primed seeds in the PEG than in sodium chloride could possibly be due to the fact that the melon seeds released some ions like K+ from seed embryos by Prisprm, and this, by itself, resulted in being less affected in saline solutions than in PEG (Nascimento and West, 1999).
When the whole length of thread is almost full of melon seeds, tie both ends of the thread together.
It hit him on the face, nearly dislodging the melon seed.
1976 Brian Dunne of Queensland, Australia, spat a melon seed 59ft 1.
Choose from ten skin formulas, including new light Melon Seed and Cocoa Butter and Coconut.
Finita lifts her burden of sacks and Zinha carries the small packets of melon seed.
drumstick leaf meal, krishnachura leaf meal, ipil ipil leaf meal, duckweed meal, waste tea leaf meal, rubber seed meal, neem leaf and seed meal, cassava leaf and stem meal, bitter melon seed meal and triticale meal).
1] Sodeke VA Extraction of Oil from Water Melon Seed and Analysis.
1996: The Melon Seed Spitting Championship was won by Phillippe Caileau of France, who spat his pip nearly seven meters
Passion Fruit Body Scrub from The Body Shop (pounds 10) is deliciously scented and contains Community Trade melon seed oil from Namibia, soya oil from Brazil, organic sugar from Paraguay and salt.
Nugent recalls the day in 1969 when Andrus gave him 4,000 packets of melon seed.