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any of numerous fruits of the gourd family having a hard rind and sweet juicy flesh

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2,9,10 However, perforation of an MD caused by a melon seed has not been reported so far.
6] Reported the deterioration of cotton seeds, soya beans and melon seeds and their oils by mesophilic moulds.
Girgis and Said [21] concluded that the high content of unsaturated fatty and linoleic acids in Egusi melon seed suggests possible hypo- cholesteronic effect.
The increased MET in primed seeds in the PEG than in sodium chloride could possibly be due to the fact that the melon seeds released some ions like K+ from seed embryos by Prisprm, and this, by itself, resulted in being less affected in saline solutions than in PEG (Nascimento and West, 1999).
Push the needle and thread through each melon seed.
Other topics include sliding mode control of magnetic levitation vehicles, waste paper as a ceiling board material, intervention analysis of road traffic accidents in Nigeria, groundnut oil extraction methods, and the force required to crack melon seed shell by static loading.
Jenny found one last melon seed between her teeth and spit it at him.
From Lentil Soup with Spinach to Green Bean Stew with Lamb, Bread Salad, Lovers' Shortbread, Melon Seed Mead and more, the recipes are simple to prepare and capture the exotic Mediterranean atmosphere with easy-to- acquire ingredients.
Show off your smooth moves with the gently exfoliating Passion Fruit Body Scrub, pounds 10, containing melon seed oil, soya oil from Brazil, organic sugar from Paraguay and salt.
1976 Brian Dunne of Queensland, Australia, spat a melon seed 59ft 1.
DALLAS -- A tiny company called Melon Seed, succeeding where much larger players have failed, is running a profitable on-line grocery shopping service in this sprawling market.
Choose from ten skin formulas, including new light Melon Seed and Cocoa Butter and Coconut.
Finita lifts her burden of sacks and Zinha carries the small packets of melon seed.