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1 09-01 Melandrya striata Say 3 05-19 to 06-09 Synchroa punctata Newman 6 06-09 to 07-27 Meloidae Epicauta pensylvanica (DeGeer) 1 08-18 Meloe americanus (Leach) 1 05-05 Monotomidae Pycnotomina cavicolle (Horn) 4 05-05 to 06-03 Mordellidae Mordella marginata Melsheimer 3 06-16 to 08-17 Mordellistena aspersa (Melsheimer) 1 06-09 Mordellistena bihamata (Melsheimer) 1 07-14 Mycetophagidae Litargus balteatus LeConte 4 06-09 to 11-04 Litargus tetraspilotus LeConte 1 06-09 Mycetophagus melsheimeri LeConte 1 05-05 Oedemeridae Asclera ruficollis (Say) 3 04-28 to 05-19 Passandridae Catogenus rufus (F.
The South American Phasia have been recorded as parasitoids of a few species of Pyrrhocoridae, Coreidae and Meloidae (Guimaraes 1977).
Selander (1960) suggested that the somewhat gregarious nature of Meloidae, including Lytta species, serves to maintain the adult beetles near nesting sites of host bees.
The Old World genera of Meloidae (Coleoptera): a key and synopsis.
The New World genera of Meloidae (Coleoptera): a key and synopsis.