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United States operatic tenor (born in Denmark) noted for his Wagnerian roles (1890-1973)

(New Testament) one of the three sages from the east who came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus

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I kept asking for the difference between the BB Bold and BB Curve and she looked more and more puzzled and kept telling me that for business the Bold is better," Melchoir wrote in a letter to Gulf News.
Melchoir lives in Potomac, Maryland, an upscale suburb of Washington, DC.
It was back an instant later, and Melchoir scooped it up and popped it into his mouth.
A YEAR TO REMEMBER: Lord Mayor Ken Taylor dons his civic robes for one of the last times (above); with the Lady Mayoress, his wife Mary, meeting young refugees from north Africa (left); and the "momentous occasion" when Sheikh Tal El Sider and rabbi Michael Melchoir (right) received the Coventry Peace Prize.
Deppermann, Melchoir Hoffman: Soziale Unruhen und apokalyptische
Lauritz Melchoir, Wagnerian tenor and would-be cinematic leading man, belted out "Because" with scarcely less conviction than "Nothung" in Die Walkure.
Meanwhile Smith has been at the negotiating table with Dutch defender Melchoir Schoenmakers - one of the players the United boss watched during his trip to Holland last week.
She's done all kinds of singles and fullfledged albums, some with Billy and some with this dude Dan Melchoir, not to mention some on her own.
Hans Walter Gabler with Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchoir (New York: Random House, 1986), cited by episode and line number.
Diderot invites his reader and companion observer throughout the Salons, Frederic Melchoir Grimm, to partake in his enthusiasm for the work of art, now animated by his own interventions: "Touch the statue here" ("Appuyez-y le doigt").
Moderate Rabbi, Michael Melchoir, of the Meimad Religious Zionist Party, suggests that the nationality line be removed from ID cards, leaving that question to be decided by Rabbis, and not the issuing State.
A 19th-century building designed by Melchoir Berri, one of Basel's purest examples of classicist architecture and ideally located across the street from the Kunstmuseum , was chosen as the museum's site, providing 1200.
reorganization are Geoffery Weetman, managing director of media and new business ventures, and Philip Melchoir, director of media business, who will report to Weetman.
The three kings--Gaspar, Melchoir and Balthazar--have joined Baccarat's Nativity collection.
Firms such as Arkell & Douglas, Melchoir, Armstrong & Dessau, American Trading Company and most important, W R.