Melanogrammus aeglefinus

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important food fish on both sides of the Atlantic

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Histological observations on the reproductive biology of the haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus (L.
Sexual maturity and spawning in haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, of the Southern Grand Bank.
Timing of the maturation transition in haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus.
Retention of larval haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus in the Georges Bank region, a gyre-influenced spawning area.
Age, growth, year-class strength, and mortality of haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, on St.
Hislop (1984) summarized fecundity data for four gadoid species from the North Sea and estimated FGB for cod, Gadus morhua, and haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, at 475 and 550, respectively.
In combination with declining availability of some important traditional groundfish products (including high valued Atlantic cod Gadus morhua, and haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, fillets), lower valued block and minced block made from pollock, hakes, and any number of other relatively abundant species, and growing worldwide demand for whitefish products (including fresh and frozen fillets, blocks, headed and gutted, and surimi), prospects for groundfish development appear bright, if as of now somewhat uncertain.
Growth through the first six months of Atlan tic cod Gadus morhua, and haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, based on daily otolith increments.
Growth and mortality of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua and haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus eggs and larvae on Georges Bank, 1995 to 1999.
and other small fishes; 2 for 2 applied to haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, only; and 3 for 3 applied to Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, white hake, Urophycis tenuis, and other long fishes (Anonymous, 1974:128).
When the surveys were initiated, gadid stocks, especially haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, were of primary interest, but the aforementioned researchers had the foresight to collect data on all fish species taken as well as to use repeatable, statistically valid procedures that would provide a solid foundation for subsequent years.