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The militant group later surrendered unconditionally, and the Melanesian Brotherhood was awarded the United Nations Pacific Peace Prize for its work.
There is a deliberate policy of openness towards its neighbours, support for the local Melanesian culture with the building of the huge, multi-million dollar Kanak Cultural Centre--an important focus for cultural exchanges with other Pacific Island countries--and government-to-government exchange programmes for training Kanaks, not to speak of huge infrastructure and training budgets.
For over a century, this picture of low-hierarchical, low-populated Melanesian environment has been identified as the prehistoric "traditional" Melanesian system (Guiart 1992), markedly different from the strong hierarchical Polynesian chiefdom system (Earle 1997).
The Papuans are Melanesian and believed to be of African descent while the majority of Indonesians are of Javanese descent.
Among the new hotspots are the Madrean pine-oak woodlands on the Mexico-US border, the East Melanesian Islands, the Horn of Africa, and all of Japan.
At one point he refers to the Arunta of Central Australia as amongst 'the most advanced Papuo-Melanesians', as if there is an implicit scale of cultural sophistication or civilisation between Melanesian peoples.
of Guam) walks readers through largely European literatures on indigenous cultures and practices in Oceania to glean references and occasional attempted interpretation of mathematical and environmental space and time concepts of indigenous Polynesian, Melanesian, and Micronesian peoples.
The belief in a mythical messianic figure named John Frum was the basis for an indigenous cargo cult (a movement attempting to obtain industrial goods through magic) promising Melanesian deliverance.
Some scholars have used the Polynesian or the Melanesian term 'mana' (power) to capture this concept (Moore, 1995, p.
2001) 'Three antecedents of Evangelical involvment in post-independence government church/state policy formation in Papua New Guinea', Melanesian Journal of Theology, 17 (1), 5-30.
He focuses on the issue of private versus public property and he compares the various Melanesian societies.
Some topics specific to Norfolk Island include the Melanesian mission, the family of Governor King, the second settlement and the Pitcaim dialect.
The New Guinean coast contains pockets of Polynesian-speaking areas separated by Melanesian areas.