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The French were in the process of creating their own colonial geo-body; the Thai were also creating a new geobody, one to which they gave a new past history, producing maps showing a bounded Thai past that included the left bank of the Mekhong as well as that of the Salween and large sections of the southern peninsula.
InterBev USA, which imports and markets Chang Beer and Mekhong -- The Spirit of Thailand, is well positioned to grow the Inver House Distillers portfolio and take on additional products produced by Thai Bev.
market, and that has begun to pay dividends with the success of our Chang Beer brand and more recently Mekhong.
In rural Thai locales, and perhaps also in city homes, the drink of choice is a rough whisky called Mekhong mixed with some form of soda, but out on the town it's a different story.
According to the first, a group of people led by King Singhanawat migrated from a city called Nakon Thai, headed south along the Mekhong River and settled near a town named Suwannakhomkham on the west bank of the river.
28] Historical accounts indicate that Chiang Saen was a trade station along the Mekhong River, providing a market place for the exchange of trade items (rice, pottery, textiles, and some kinds of food) between highlanders and lowland people.
Chiang Saen is located on a flood plain of the Mekhong River, between latitude 20 [degrees] 15' 44" - 20 [degrees] 17' N and longitude 100 [degrees] 04' 58" -- l00 [degrees] 05' 42" E.
NEW YORK -- American consumers are about to discover an exotic spirit that is like no other in Mekhong, a premium golden spirit that International Beverage Holdings Ltd.
Mekhong is a unique, premium blended and distilled Thai spirit made mostly from sugar cane and rice and infused with a special blend of indigenous Thai herbs and spices.
1 beer; Mekhong and Sangsom Rum both ranked in the top 100 spirits brands in the World by IMPACT Magazine.
These include: Mekhong Whisky, Thailand's finest liquor for over 200 years; Shinobu Sake, produced with the same exacting standards and traditions as Japanese sake; Similan Rum, a fine eight year old dark rum; and Jerng Kao Liang, a distilled liquor for the Chinese segment.