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German anatomist (1829-1905)

German physicist (1882-1974)

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Meisner was the Regional Manager of Pacific Office Automation.
In comments that were widely condemned, the 80-year-old Meisner last month told members of the conservative Neocatechumenal Way Catholic group: "Each of your families is easily worth three Muslim families for me.
A week later, the Associated Press reported that Cardinal Meisner was "deeply ashamed by this incident because it goes against our Christian mission" of treatment at Catholic hospitals.
By the time sixth album, The Long Run, was released in 1979, Randy Meisner had left the band to be replaced by Timothy B Schmidt.
Cardinal Meisner had met with Pope in Rome after his resignation in February.
Meisner referenced the dozens of programs that have been implemented across the country, including at Stanford University in California.
In an interview with a German newspaper, Cardinal Meisner asserted that Pope Benedict himself had approved the German bishops' decision.
They poured 29 shots on Meisner through 39-plus minutes - including 21 in the second period - before finally breaking through late in the second when Schmidt tipped Brendan Baker's shot under the arm of Meisner.
We're very pleased with the turnout," Meisner said.
The show did so badly it got the chop three months early, but Darius confidently told Heat Radio: "In LA I studied the Meisner technique.
I can't speculate on what those women are feeling," said Marleigh Meisner, spokeswoman for Texas Child Protective Services (CPS), which is conducting the probe.
Buys, Piet, Uwe Deichmann, Craig Meisner, Thao Ton That, and David Wheeler.
The court rejected the argument of taxpayer Jennifer Meisner to apply section 6331(j)(2)(D), which applies to levies, because levies and tax lien foreclosures are "separate mechanisms used by the IRS to collect unpaid taxes from recalcitrant taxpayers.
We do the Stanford Meisner Technique where we look into the camera and say, 'What is that?
Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne, Germany, on his reaction to the election of Pope Benedict XVI, whom he calls "the Mozart of theology" (Catholic World News, May 13, 2005)