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(Yiddish) a long boring tediously detailed account

(Judaism) the scroll of parchment that contains the biblical story of Esther

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The megillah will be read during the Shabbat service at 7 p.
A Purim Spectacular with a reading of the megillah, masquerade contests for adults and children, games and food, 7 p.
And the threat of annihilation of the Jews is too present in our history, recent and ancient, for us to regard the Megillah as entirely playful.
Supervised by John Coffey, the museum's deputy director for art and curator of American and modern art, it features a multicultural range of Judaica including an Ottoman Empire Megillah, a Chinese Torah case, and a Bohemian silver Torah shield.
Foremost among these are Manger's poignant re-working of the Purim story in the Songs of the Megillah (1936) and his sly reconfiguration of Biblical tales in Itzik's Midrash (1935).
For the record, the annual celebration occurred Wednesday evening - the 14th day of Adar on the Hebrew calendar - when Esther's story was read from a scroll called the Megillah.
The Talmud in Megillah 7a recounts the following dispute concerning the book of Esther:
The Talmud (TB Megillah 9a-b) recounts how King Ptolemy II (285-246 BCE) gathered seventy-two Jewish elders to translate the Torah into Greek, thus creating the earliest translation of (and commentary on) the Torah.
The article shows Bernstein in a host of gosh-darn-wouldn't-you-believe-it situations: Shooting an AR-15 in the woods with a German buddy, reading the megillah on Purim, taking a stab at Holocaust humor, referring to the popular German handgun Heckler and Koch as "Hitler's Cock"all against the backdrop of a corner of Tennessee the writer describes as the "Bible Belt's buckle.
Grade's mother and the other women in his community in Vilna were too exhausted by their preparations for Purim to attend the required megillah readings.
It is enjoyed by young and old, who sometimes wear costumes at services that symbolize the characters recounted in the megillah, the scroll used to tell the story.
8) The same type of statement is made by Nosson Scherman, the general editor of the Artscroll series: "G-d's [sic] Name does not appear in the Megillah - the only one of the twenty-four sacred books where such a phenomenon occurs [Emphasis added].
To give gifts to the poor you must put yourself in a situation where you have contact with poor people; to send mishloach manot you must have friends to whom you can send them; to enjoy the festive Seudah, the holiday meal, there must be others with whom to share it; and even the megillah reading is supposed to be read publicly, in synagogue.
there will be a Megillah reading for preschoolers then adults followed by a ``Service Under the Stars.