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memorial consisting of a very large stone forming part of a prehistoric structure (especially in western Europe)

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The overall aim of this summary is to evaluate the available archaeological record in order to make a preliminary assessment of the settlement dynamics, economy and social organisation of the Copper Age societies in the region, hence providing a better understanding of the context in which the Antequera megaliths developed.
While most of these megaliths are accompanied by good signage, not all of the ancient stones have names or plaques indicating what or where they are.
It's spectacular," said Obama, as he gazed at the circle of towering megaliths while sheep grazed in a nearby field.
These earlier megaliths were intentionally buried by later generations as foundations for new megaliths.
These manufacturing megaliths have now all but gone, to be replaced by smaller, more agile, technology-based manufacturers employing hundreds, rather than thousands, of engineers.
Originally thought to contain 60 megaliths, now only 27 remain.
London, October 25 ( ANI ): Easter Island's massive stone statues once walked, according to a controversial new theory that explains how the megaliths were put into place.
The wonders of the Internet carry us straight to the ancient megaliths, which were lit by candles and flaming pots for three evocative evenings.
Summary: The iconic megaliths of Stonehenge have been recreated in central London ahead of the Summer Solstice on Wednesday evening.
She begins with the facts of megaliths in time, megalithic architecture, and megalithic art.
Initially making horizontal megaliths echoing geologic striations, De Staebler pioneered grand form while utilising subtle archeological effects.
While the stars help them cultivate an understanding of their history, they spend peaceful lives as herbalists, astronomers, and stone carvers, the incredible megaliths that rise from their lush landscape serving as an essential source of self-discovery, mystery, and pride.
Aura's emotional problems are further complicated by the appearance of Zachary, a Scottish student who joins Aura on her project about megaliths.
From former cities near the Grand Canyon to concrete canals in central Arizona to the megaliths of the once-great Toltec capital Tula and the interior of the Great Pyramid of Cholula, Ancient Technology in Mexico & the Southwest will leave the viewer with an astounding new impression of bygone civilizations.
Most of all, Borissov and his closest advisers will need to take into careful consideration what future generations will make of the decisions of 2009; whether these will represent powerful strategic assets, or crushing megaliths of debt.