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type genus of the Megachilidae: leaf-cutting bees

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Time and energy budgets of alfalfa pollinating bees Megachile nana Bingh and Megachile flavipes Spinola (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae).
Impact of currently used or potentially useful insecticides for canola agroecosystems on Bombus impatiens (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Megachile rot-undata (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) and Osmia lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae).
Caption: A pupa of a modern female leafcutter Megachile bee (left) has the same basic look as a Megachile male (right, CT scan) that dates to the Pleistocene, having been preserved in the La Brea Tar Pits.
In this present study, an aggregation of Megachile ferox (Megachilidae), some aggregations of Lipotriches flavoviridis (species group) (Halictidae) and one aggregation of Amegilla ?
The main insects observed on the cowpea flowers from the self-established (Experimental) farm during the major rainy season in 2006 were beetles and bees such as Apis mellifera adansoni (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Ceratina sp (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Megachile sp (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae; Megachilinae), Xylocopa calens (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Xylocopa imitator (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Brausepis sp.
Solo se obtuvo registro de la familia Megachilidae en la vereda El Condor con la coleccion de 2 individuos de Megachile (Austromegachile) sp.
Por lo tanto, estudiar la apifauna asociada a los cultivos entomofilos posibilitaria identificar especies nativas con potencial como polinizadores, y el conocimiento de su biologia permitiria trazar planes de manejo, como ya ocurre en diversas partes del mundo, con abejas solitarias como Megachile rotundata Fabricius, Osmia cornifrons (Radoszkowski), O.
In addition, a few exotic species have become naturalized in urban areas of California: honey bees (Apis mellifera), alfalfa leafcutting bees (Megachile ro-tundata), Megachile apicalis and Hylaeus punctatus.
In five nests in our study, I mexicana cells were situated outside of partial or complete leafcutting bee cells (Megachilidae: Megachile sp.
It represents the first record of Grotea parasitizing nests of Chilicola subgenus Oroediscelis, although it has also been recorded from nests of other stem nesting bees, including Chilicola (Chilicola) venticola Packer, Ceratina, Manuelia (Apidae), and Megachile (Megachilidae) (Gauld 2000, Packer 2004).
Therefore, I selected two Osmia, one Hoplitis (both Osmiini) and two Megachile species (Megachilini), all of which have an Eurasian distribution, and a South African representative of Aspidosmia as outgroups for the cladistic analysis: O.
DNA fingerprinting analysis in the solitary bee Megachile rotundata: Variability and nest mate genetic relationships.
Bee family Species and author Apidae Euglossa dilemma Bembe & Eltz Melissodes communis Cresson Halictidae Augochlora pura (Say) Halictus poeyi Lepeletier (a) Lasioglossum halophitum (Graenicher) Lasioglossum puteuleanum Gibbs (b) Megachilidae Megachile pruina Smith Megachile pseudobrevis Mitchell Total N = 8 species Bee family Pan traps Sweep nets Blue vane traps Total Apidae 23 0 39 62 7 0 0 7 Halictidae 1 0 0 1 4 8 0 12 8 2 0 10 196 8 0 204 Megachilidae 36 0 1 37 8 0 0 8 Total 283 18 40 341 (a) Halictus poeyi is indistinguishable morphologically from Halictus ligatus Say but differs genetically.
1977); Megachile apicalis, an introduced European species that builds cell partitions with fragments of leaves or flowers (Barthell et al.
For Ferocactus wislizenii, the most abundant floral visitors were medium-sized bees: Megachile sidalceae, Lithurge echinocacti and Diadasia australis (Grant and Grant, 1979a).