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Despite their efficacy and widespread use in Anthozoa, these features have been less frequently used in Medusozoa, the clade that includes C.
Jellyfish are planktonic, free-swimming, sexually reproducing stages of some cnidarians (animals with unique microscopic intracellular structures called cnidae), collectively named Medusozoa (Marques & Collins, 2004; Collins et al, 2006; Van Iten et al.
These interactions have been integrated over a range of organizational levels within the Medusozoa (Costello et al.
Phylogeny of Medusozoa and the evolution of cnidarian life cycles.
In the case of the Bougainvilliidae, due to lack of information, those three dimensions are not always known, as most studies have focused on the epipelagic zone (0-200 m), as it is typical for Medusozoa (Marques et al.