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It is not likely that the Mediterranean will ever behold a battle with a greater issue; but when the time comes for another historical fight its bottom will be enriched as never before by a quantity of jagged scrap-iron, paid for at pretty nearly its weight of gold by the deluded populations inhabiting the isles and continents of this planet.
He had been in the Mediterranean; in the West Indies; in the Mediterranean again; had been often taken on shore by the favour of his captain, and in the course of seven years had known every variety of danger which sea and war together could offer.
I am going to tell my friend that our plans for the Mediterranean are given up.
It was a city of detached mansions; a Mediterranean lounging-place on the English Channel; and as seen now by night it seemed even more imposing than it was.
When he set out on his holiday in the Mediterranean he had every intention of returning to London and his appointment at St.
It is thought that these soils have required very long periods to develop, and probably did so in more aggressive climates than those of the contemporary mediterraneans.
The smooth relief has important effects on the river systems, which have slightly different regimes to those in the other mediterraneans.
The South African mediterranean, at the southwestern tip of the African continent, is the smallest of all the mediterraneans: it covers a small area, accounting for only about 3% of the total biome.
The Mediterranean biome, which is present on all five continents, takes it name from the Mediterranean Basin, the largest of the areas forming this biome.
Rather than being a frontier or division between the peoples and cultures living on its shores, the Mediterranean Sea has served to bring them together, so that people, goods and information have been crossing it for more than three thousand years.
In the face of all this confusion, the best solution is not to hide behind circumlocutions and so this volume talks unashamedly about the mediterraneans, creating a new noun by the simple method of generalizing what until now has been a particular, special world.
It will help because it deals with the different Mediterraneans around the world, i.
In any case, it was in this basin that the biogeographical unity, and the specific climate and ecology of the Mediterraneans was first recognized.
The idea of the bioclimatic unity of the Mediterranean Basin with the Mediterraneans overseas is much more recent.
The first section, by Lluis Ferres and Ramon Vallejo, professor at the Biology Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona, describes the main features that characterize the Mediterraneans in terms of climate, soils and geographical distribution.