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Mediterranean ocean circulations, temperature, and salinity.
On the Freedom Flotillas official website on Sunday a statement from the Juliano reiterated the activists desire to reach Gaza and show solidarity with the Palestinian people; describing their ship as a 'nutshell' sailing in the Mediterranean ocean between "democratic" Greece and Zionist Israel.
We also saw the Mediterranean Ocean and rode the Metro.
On Sunday afternoon (local time), after a British submarine stationed in the Mediterranean ocean launched two Tomahawk missiles at a Gaddafi target in Bab Al Azizia Tripoli, the Libyan Ministry of Information escorted a group of reporters to the site under the pretense of showing them the destruction that the bombs had caused.
Pictured while underway transiting through the Mediterranean Ocean in support of Taurus 2009 deployment.
The construction of Seacom, a joint venture between African and American shareholders, is a remarkable story because the submarine cable that runs from Marseilles across the Mediterranean Ocean to Egypt and then southwards along the east African coast as far as South Africa has taken only two years to complete.
In a nutshell: A group of 20-somethings party hard on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean.
And let's face it, Netscape Sahara Desert and The Sharper Image Mediterranean Ocean would bring in loads of cash to the impoverished nations that border these natural wonders.
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